Forged Chains

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Forged Chains

Drop forged conveyor chains are used in bulk material handling of different products such as grain, coal and ash. Also known as drop forged scraper chains they are generally made with specific flights or attachments.


The chain links themselves are forged from alloy steel and then are precision machined to fit their tolerances.


National Chains manufactures chains specific for each application with different flight and pin configurations. All the components combine to provide the most cost effective, durable and long lasting product on the market.



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    • NC1001
    • NC1002
    • NC2001
    • NC2002
    • NC3001

    • NC4001
    • NC4002
    • NC4003
    • NC6001
    • NC8001

    • NC8002
    • NC9001
    • NC9002
    • NC10001
    • NC10002